Sunday, 8 May 2011

Final Notes for the ride

1. 08:30 onwards meet @ Flouch (201 011), Bacon butties + hot drink. We need to book everyone in, so please bear with us. On Friday I will be preparing a list of riders for check point staff to tick off as they pass through, to save loosing anyone.

2. I will issue maps & directions to riders at the start. Please note the base times below, any fast riders beware there may not be any checkpoint staff. This is not intended as a race, so no speeds/places will be published; this is intended for rider’s enjoyment and self-improvement.

3. 09:00 start - I'm last man carrying tools & 1st aid if required. Should anything go wrong please contact Big Jim 07875532927 to arrange emergency recovery?

4. 10:00 Derwent Slippery Stones (169 952) – Brian will direct riders the right way & count you off the hill.

5. 10:15 CP1 Derwent (166 910) Unfortunately my staff for this checkpoint is no longer able to attend. In the event of our being able to get a replacement Please take the turning as pictured.

6. 10:30 CP2 Snake Road (151 892) Jim & Jack, will serve you juice & chocolates etc. We have a sign warning drivers of cyclists on the road ahead, but please be careful, even with a 50mph speed restriction the Snake Pass is a fast & dangerous road.

7. 11:00 CP3 Doctors Gate (095 928) Ruth will serve you juice & chocolates etc. Consider using the road up to old woman, as the Roman Road builders were not the best on this section. Check out the Route Card for the directions you need to take to reach CP4.

8. 12:00 CP4 Longdendale Trail (025 961) Sean & Ash - will serve you juice & chocolates etc. Nice ride along a disused railway line.

9. 12:30 CP5 Torside (069 982) will serve you juice & chocolates etc. After the Woodhead tunnel there's a sharp left turn & steep up hill section – see route card below. Please be careful on the Woodhead road crossings, as again this is again a fast road for motor vehicles. Beware on the Snow road the ruts are deeper than pedals. At Swinden Lane remember to turn left.

10. Finish Flouch (201 011)

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